Surya Group is among sponsors of the Annual Charity event by Rotary Club Moskau Humboldt


“Gans und Tanz” is one of the major Moscow charity events. Many thanks to Rotary Club Moskau Humboldt for organizing a wonderful evening. Last year the event raised approximately RUR 1,000,000, that were allocated to various children's care organizations. 

With this year's “Gans und Tanz” income we are helping the Integrative Theater Krug II. Founded in 1997, the theater helps children with mental and physical disability to show their talent. The concert’s program consists of many famous composers’ musical selections as well as original items created by the studio. All incomes will send on project “Summer camp”. Together with the theatre's performance, a water painiting master-class and a florist station entertained around two hundred guests, that gathered to become part of the good cause.

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