Ravi Navlani, Interview to Lenta.ru


Ravi Navlani, President of Surya Group, talk to Lenta.ru about learning Russian language, mentality and laws from scratch, and what difficulties he had to stand up against, while starting up in Russia. Ravi shares the story behind growing his business ten times in just ten years from its launch, and how he became the first Sindhian and the first textile industry representative to get Ernst & Young’s international “Entrepreneur of the Year” special nomination “Success in Russia” in 2013. 

In his talk he is also unveiling some of his business secrets and giving piece of advice to the young and creative youth. Ravi’s vision also covers such topics as revitalizing effect of the crisis on the economy and different aspects of business ideas’ implementation in Russia.

Ravi Navlani on competition, downturns and Russian mentality

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