Fabrics for clothing

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Since 2001, Surya Fashions LLC has been the heart of the operation at the Surya Group. The diverse supply chain helps us source a wide range of quality fabrics from all across the globe. These then make their way to premier clothing brands who transform them into the latest fashions. A majority of our sales occur in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, and Kazakhstan.

Our fashion arm has been growing rapidly since 2005. Strong demand for our suiting line for men and women has led to Surya being driven to the top in the competitor rankings. Our men's collection is characterized by a signature line of fabrics featuring the highest quality cotton, wool, terry-wool and polyester. These fabrics lend themselves to beautifully tailored trousers and suits.

Our women's collection reflects the latest fashion trends from around the globe. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of specialists who identify trends prior to consumer demand, ensuring that our clients remain ahead of the curve.