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Navlani Fabrics is a story about suit textiles, tradition, mastermakers and visionaries. Right from the very first day of its creation the brand has been supporting a number of designers and fashion studios in Russia, Europe and Asia. The team of experts, bred by Surya Group, has long coveted the idea of a perfect suit, gathering the most attractive designs and types of textiles across the globe; through this devoted and passionate work the idea of the new venture was born, and the Navani brand's life began.

The classic fashion collections, that are created and tailored specifically to the client's needs, are highly valued because of exclusive cutting and the quality of handwork, both of which in turn highly depend on the chosen textile. Navlani team gathered all of their experience to offer you the best available textiles from across the planet. Each of you will find what on seeks for in terms of pricing and quality, choosing from our collections, and our colleagues are always ready to help you to find what is best for your business.

We are happy to offer new designs from our Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections. Our managers are always in the know, keeping pace with the latest high fashion podium trends and news, extracting the most popular textiles for the local markets. Our range of products includes wool, as well as polyviscose, that is so appreciated by modern consumers. Women fashion from Navlani is all about Jacquard and dense crape.

We have hundreds of textiles in stock, that will enable you to create anything your imagination permits. Apart from that, at Navlani you will also get the first class customer service. These are the reasons our brand can become your partner of choice - together we will create the exclusive apparel.

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