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Surya makes sourcing from China a simple task for our clients. We source goods from a wide variety of reliable suppliers and manage the whole supply chain right through to your destination anywhere in the world.

We have a fully incorporated business in both UAE and China, which means we can enter into legally binding contracts with our suppliers, giving peace of mind to our clients while also enabling us to protect any intellectual property you may have for a product. Our clients range from single-person businesses to FTSE 100 companies.

We take on projects both big and small. With offices in Dubai, Russia, Belarus and Kequaio, our team covers a vast array of sourcing requests, from one-off items to multi-tired supply chains. As long as the order meets minimum requirements, we are happy to work with you.

Highly experienced in compliance, our UAE and China sourcing teams cover every aspect of corporate and social responsibility. We provide product testing, including EN, BS, FDA, ASTM, and all other industry-recognized bodies, to ensure your goods are fit and legal to enter their destination market.

Quality assurance is key to our business, and our China sourcing team offers on the ground quality inspections for all goods before they leave China. We use third-party inspection companies in addition to our own staff, who have an understanding of Western quality requirements.