Surya Group: and the story begins

Moving the Russian light industry forward has involved some heavy weighting from those, who are part of it, main peculiarities being outdated equipment and lack of other quality resource.

Surya Group is a unique business, that has united tens of textile production sites, that are being distributed to a large numbers of clothing manufacturers across Eurasia, all through the last 50 years, notwithstanding any global downturns and political turmoil.

Textiles of extreme quality and extraordinary beauty have always been of high value in the United Arab Emirates, proving that it’s the country of the real experts: thinnest silk and finest cotton have been the attributes of prosperity for many centuries. One may think that the UAE is all black-and-white, - austere hijab is hiding the colourful organza, silk, wool and cotton, that are covered lavishly with golden and silver embroidery.

Therefore its no surprise that the Navlani family chose textile as a main activity for its new venture. Their first small retail outlet that always had all the latest samples of Indian cotton and silk had become very popular very quickly. By the end of 60s Surya Group owned a dozen of shops and intended to proceed developing the company operations. The success was so overwhelming and motivating that in the early 70s a decision was taken to move forward, expanding to countries outside the UAE.

Apart from broader geography, the Group also took its chance to offer more product-wise: the new assortment included home textile and garment accessories. Meanwhile, the company was searching for new markets with huge potential, exceptional types of textile and suppliers, - industry leaders from Japan, Korea, China, France, Germany and Belgium were added to the list of trusted partners.

Recipe for Success.

One can argue about the difficulties on the textile market in Russia, but Surya Groups example clearly demonstrates that prioritising is one of the major instruments of a successful marketing strategy. The company bet on quality of service and won the battle for the customer. The Groups goal is to clients and their expectations first: all the way from producing textile and maintaining quality standards to the final delivery of the ordered goods to their final destination in Russia.

Knowing all the business nuances from inside out, Surya Groups team are experts in the field of textile trends and worldwide markets fluctuations. That is the main reason why the business not only remains sound and stable, but also continues to grow and launch operations in the new geographies even in the current tough economic realities. For instance, after thoroughly analysing the Russian markets potential, Surya Group opened its first office in Moscow in 2001 together with two showrooms, where the mind-blowing assortment of textiles and accessories were presented. Nowadays, the company also has a representative office in Belarus, where the brand is widely renowned and appreciated by the local clientele.

After its successful launch in Russia, the same business story happened in China, soon after Surya Groups team of analytics got to see the speed at which the Chinese markets were growing, supplying literally the whole world with its clothes and textiles. Surya Group decided not to compete with local manufacturers and opened an office in Keqiao, that became a reliable partner for many acting textile manufacturers, willing to sell to the European customer. The great results the company has now is due to its strict policy in terms of quality and project timeline control. That is why Surya Group has more that 5,000 types of suit, dress, knitted and lining fabric, as well as drape cloth and garment accessories. All of our collections are modern and elegant. Moreover, Surya Group had signed an exclusive agreement with Simsek Textile, known for its gorgeous collections, and happy to offer unique samples of the Mediterranean fashion.

Another important part of any product business is supply chain management, that includes efficient logistics. The company has always controlled all the supplies timelines. Any of the orders, placed with Surya Group, is being handled by the clients personal account manager, who is always ready to answer any questions.

Among other benefits of partnership with Surya Group are the following:

- transparent payment terms
- individually shaped textile collections as per the clients request
- organising the clothing manufacturing process in China on turnkey basis
- in-time textile delivery by the best logistics providers in the world

Companys analysts confirm that the total annual distance, that the textile containers ordered by Surya Group travelled, is 280 525 km, and the amount of the fabrics sold is enough to cover the way from Dubai to Moscow.

But even all of the mentioned points are not the most important ingredients for success - optimism, confidence and professional attitude of its team are the main features of Surya Group, that distinguishes this company from its competition.

The brightly shining company (Surya /sanskrit/ - The Sun), born in the United Arab Emirates is a wonderful illustration of the fact that competent management supported by creative yet strategically wise marketing can create the enormous value not only to the entrepreneurs in the Russian fashion industry, but to the thousands of regular people, who need quality and modern clothing to wear. All of them can rely on Surya Groups wide assortment of fabrics.

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