About school uniform in Russia

School uniform is now officially back to Russia. For many parents this news has come as a relief. No need to agonisingly think about their children’s outfit - both for the smallest ones and teenagers - because trying to comply with the dress code and ensure ones choice satisfies the child himself is no easy a task.
Modern designers believe that school uniform should not only be comfortable (which is no surprise, taking into consideration that children wear for days on end), but different in style. To achieve that, manufacturers should use quality and purely natural fabrics.

And this is exactly the kinds of fabrics, that Surya Groups office, based in Moscow, can deliver to its clients.

Surya Group is a very special brand in the Russian fashion market. The company is partnering directly not only with fabrics manufacturers from France, Italy, Spain, China and Turkey, but is also ready to act as organising force in case a client is willing to manufacture clothes in China. The designing and technology teams, working at Surya, are coming to the selected Chinese factories, checking the production process and picking the best types of fabrics to use.

At the moment, wholesale supplies is the major activity focus for Surya Group. Although the Groups Moscow showrooms have the widest assortment of textiles, the companys expert team will be glad to help any client to create a mini textile and garment accessories collection of their choice and liking and deliver it as soon as possible, particularly from China (believing that “Chinese is low quality” is a public delusion, as most part of leading fashion designers agree that the fabrics from Chine are beating everything else.
Surya Group offers a vast array of fabrics: every collection includes different types of suit fabrics, that will help create any style for any season. The fabrics for school uniform are a whole different story. One may think that there is no ways to become creative about school uniform - regular black to light grey colour palette and the trio of skirt, trousers and jacket, no prints or embroidery. Seems that nothing can be as boring as that. But that is just the first impression.

Surya Groups designers are keen to make the clients believe that the textile for school uniform is bound to be diverse. There is no need to put all of your effort into just one type of textile: nowadays, you can choose uniformly dyed fabric, and mix them up with classic designs or panes. And everything chosen will contain natural fibres (wool, viscose, cotton).

Colour palette and textile handle are also not confined to just one or two options - strips, panes, multi-colour designs. Furthermore, the suit fabrics collections are divided into men and women groups. Therefore, any childs objections of the ‘wont-be-wearing-these-girly-pants and wearing-this-I-look-like-all-others can be easily overcome. And even in the times of unified style children are free to keep their own style and voice, feeling as comfortable as ever.

Surya Group is a trusted partner of the manufacturers across all Russian regions. The company delivers textile and accessories to the Ural Siberian region and the Far East. All the information about pricing, assortment, agreement terms and delivery options can be found atwww.suryagroup.ru.

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