About sanctions against Russia

Sanctions are not affecting the Russian fashion industry / clothing market

This is the view, that has been expressed by Ravi Navlani, President of Surya Group, that is an official distributor of Caterpillar lifestyle products / clothing and luggage products in Russia. It is true that now we are more often facing up against our US and European business partners confusion and prejudice, invoked by the mass media propaganda, but it does not prevent us from continuing and even expanding our business. Being an international citizen, whose close acquaintance with Russia and its peculiarities has lasted over 10 year, I can easily explain which of the bits are true and which are just overreactions and lies. Moreover, both the US and European countries are absolutely aware of the huge Russian fashion markets potential. Annual commodity turnover between the United States of America and Russia is around USD 30 billion, whereas between Europe and Russia the turnover is more than USD 450 bn. No doubt, that none of the parties involved are interested in losing such commercial opportunities.

Together with Surya Group team and all the Russian people I know, I hope that the relationship between the countries will have got better by the time the tension seriously affects most part of the business projects in pipeline. In the end, any sanctions will have adverse effect on consumers rather than politicians.

Our intentions to grow on the Russian markets are very serious, therefore, we have a number of long-term investment plans and will be  expanding our brand portfolio in Russia, notwithstanding any further actions on both sides.

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