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About sanctions against Russia

Sanctions are not affecting the Russian fashion industry / clothing market.

This is the view, that has been expressed by Ravi Navlani, President of Surya Group, that is an official distributor of Caterpillar lifestyle products / clothing and luggage products in Russia.

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About school uniform in Russia

School uniform is now officially back to Russia. For many parents this news has come as a relief. No need to agonisingly think about their children’s outfit - both for the smallest ones and teenagers - because trying to comply with the dress code and ensure ones choice satisfies the child himself is no easy a task.

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Surya Group: and the story begins

Surya Group is a unique business, that has united tens of textile production sites, that are being distributed to a large numbers of clothing manufacturers across Eurasia, all through the last 50 years, notwithstanding any global downturns and political turmoil.

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Welcome to The Surya Group

The Surya Group was founded in 1963 as a textile company in Dubai. We now have offices in Moscow, Minsk, and Shaoxing. Starting in textiles, we have grown to become a multi-channel company, working in retail, distribution and real estate industries. Creating enviable retail environments on a global scale, we act as brand guardians for our partners, ensuring unparalleled shopping and customer service experiences.

CEO Ravi Navlani has played a key role in The Surya Group's international growth and development. After joining the company in 2001, he was instrumental in expanding and evolving The Surya Group, while still preserving it as one of the most respected brands in textiles. Noted as one of Russia's top entrepreneurs, Ernst & Young awarded Ravi "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2013 for all of Russia. He also served as the president of Russia's Entrepreneur's Organization.

Under Ravi's leadership, we're eager to see how the Surya Group continues to expand and evolve as a company and brand.

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